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Maria, (, Echo Park Lakes famous goose, and over 30 other domestic geese, ducks, countless turtles, fish and other non migratory creatures will need to be relocated from Echo Park Lake as early as April of 2011. At that time a 60 plus million dollar rehabilitation of the lake will happen.

This rehab, could take up to 2 years and meanwhile the care and protection of these residents of the lake is still being determined. Maria, because of her unique personality and notoriety has brought much needed attention to this issue, but also made herself a poster child for "why NOT to adopt/buy chicks, ducklings, goslings, or rabbits"..

Flickr photo LaCaMod credit
Flickr photo LaCaMod credit

For more info on how to prevent domestic animals from being abandoned in public parks or to make a donation towards creating a Los Angeles sanctuary dedicated to protecting these discarded "Easter" gifts, please contact, or click the paypal icon below

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